Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Preliminary course program 2013

Assessment criteria: passed/failed
for CBM / Visuaalisen kulttuurin maisteriohjelma

The learning objectives are on the skills to apply different methods student’s own scientific or artistic work. The aim is that students will get critical and analytical understanding about the built-in sexual mechanisms in the media.

Content: Lectures, discussions, essay or learning diary or one’s own artistic production from the theme of the course. For completed course: 80 % presence and active participation and an written essay or earning diary (i.e. notes from lectures reflected through some project, weather on going, own or done project) or own artistic or documentary media project related to the themes of the course. Deadline for the essay/production/learning diary 15th of March.

During the courses students will read an given article in 2-4 students team.The content and core ideas of the article will be presented in the last session on 1st of March. 

Program spring 2013:

Lecturers: Karolina Kiil, Marjo Mäenpää
25.2. Monday 10-15 Marjo: Introduction to feminist research and gender studies, gender, gaze and power (Visual Culture, pleasure and cinema, Laura Mulvey and John Berger) lecture 10-12 / group assignment 13-15

26.2. Tuesday 10-15: Karolina: I'm a medium

27.2. Wednesday 10-15 Karolina: Media presentations, assignments, group work

28.2. Thursday 10-15 Karolina: My own tasks in the media

1.3. Friday: Group presentations

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